GrassRoutes Campaign Values

GrassRoutes works to help progressive and diverse local politicians win elections. We ask all our users to affirm the following four values throughout their campaigns and tenure in office. 

Diversity & Representation

Great leadership reflects our society, and the people who lead should reflect the people who are led. Governments with diverse leadership make wiser decisions, craft more just laws, and govern more effectively. GrassRoutes is committed to supporting diversity in our elected leadership by supporting candidates who bring diversity to office, including ethnic, gender, sexual, and economic diversity. 


Education, Healthcare, and Economic Opportunity

We believe that every American deserves the chance to build a successful life. Quality education and healthcare are essential to the American promise of opportunity, and GrassRoutes supports candidates who endeavor to make access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity an inalienable right. 


Voting Rights

Free, fair, and open elections are the heart of a democracy. We believe that every American who has the right to vote should be able to, and GrassRoutes opposes measures that make it harder for enfranchised American citizens to vote. We are working towards a future in which all enfranchised American citizens regularly vote in their local elections.


Truth, Transparency, and Accountability

Good governance begins with good oversight, and GrassRoutes supports candidates who want to make government more transparent, who hold themselves accountable to the public, and who cherish a deep commitment to telling the truth. 

GrassRoutes is here to open political tech to progressive candidates, and we work with candidates from the Democratic Party, the Farmer Labor Party, the Working Families Party, the Democratic Socialists of America and more. Trumpism is incompatible with our values, and we do not work with Republican candidates.

On our end, by 2023, we aim to have the ethnic and gender composition of GrassRoutes candidates reflect the ethnic and gender composition of America, with at least 50% of our candidates coming from ethnic minority backgrounds and at least 50% of our candidates identifying as female. Internally, we aim to have the same statistics for both our team and our advisory board by 2023.