GrassRoutes builds software that empowers local candidates to run their campaign like professionals

GrassRoutes began in 2018 when our co-founders began volunteering for local progressive political campaigns in Boston and New York. Our backgrounds are in business and technology, and we experience every day how modern technology made our lives easier. Yet we saw that these local campaigns were still performing many tasks manually, taking up valuable time and resources from candidates trying to make an impact in their community.


GrassRoutes was founded a year later on the idea that every candidate, no matter the race, should have access to the same tools as high-budget federal campaigns. We believe that local offices are the backbone of our community. Schoolboard and municipal elections make up over 500,000 of the 520,000 elections in the United States, yet modern political software is built for and largely operated by professional staff on high-budget federal campaigns. We decided to solve for the 96%.

We believe that by making it easier to run for elected office, we can change what those offices look like. Affordable, accessible software for local candidates will help make it so that anyone can be a force for change in their community, not just those who can pay for it.

Our goal at GrassRoutes is to make it possible to rethink what is possible in America. Changing our politics isn’t easy, but it starts at the local level. We believe in the power of knocking doors, talking with voters, and working within our communities as a source for change. In a time where national politics is becoming increasingly polarized and media-driven, face-to-face conversations with real people become increasingly important in grounding ourselves.


In short, we believe all politics is local, and we are creating the software to make this vision true.